Project Chazon

We envision a world where social media serves as a beacon of truth, rather than an avenue for misinformation. In this world, diverse perspectives are presented truthfully and every argument is given a fair hearing. Regrettably, the current state of social media does not reflect this ideal. As many of you know, there are an overwhelming number of tweets on Twitter that reflect a pro-Hamas/anti-Israel bias, often overshadowing the pro-Israel perspectives. This imbalance fosters an environment rife with false narratives, and there are limited resources to address it effectively.

To counter this challenge, we have initiated Project Chazon. Our goal is to restore balance to the social media discourse by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. We have developed sophisticated software that uses AI to identify anti-Israel tweets. Utilizing a comprehensive database of information, our system generates well-informed and fact-based responses.

By participating in Project Chazon, you can contribute to this effort. You just need to create a Twitter account and allow us to use it as a platform to disseminate factual responses to those who are most influenced by misinformation. Join us in our mission to promote truth and understanding on social media. Participants who already have a Twitter account can easily create a secondary account for us to use if you don’t want us posting from your main account.

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