About Us

We are a group of Jewish students from MIT who have witnessed the alarming escalation of antisemitism in our universities and across the nation, especially since the tragic events of October 7th. This concerning trend is partly fueled by a toxic social media environment where pro-Hamas narratives often overshadow other voices. This imbalance has led to a rise in antisemitism and misinformation, leaving even those with genuine questions about Israel without access to informed pro-Israel perspectives. On platforms like Twitter (now known as X), pro-Israel advocates are significantly underrepresented. Project Chazon aims to transform this reality by automating responses to anti-Israel posts on Twitter. Our AI models are trained to provide strong, factual answers, utilizing a comprehensive database of pro-Israel information. By signing up, you allow our system to use your Twitter account to reply to anti-Israel posts and promote pro-Israel posts by liking them, contributing to a shift in the discourse even while you're not actively online. As a minority, Jewish voices have always faced challenges in being heard. We must leverage all available tools to maximize our reach and impact.

To accurately respond to anti-Israel posts with up-to-date information, we use the IsraelFAQs database, which is updated in real time with facts as they happen.

If you have any questions, ideas, or wish to submit a bug report, feel free to reach out to israelnlpmit@gmail.com.