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This page provides an insight into the responses our system generates and automatically posts on Twitter. When you click "Post," you'll be redirected to Twitter with the pre-generated response. You have the option to either edit the response or post it as is. While these responses are designed to address all anti-Israel posts, our automated system specifically targets posts that receive a high volume of views.

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Real Tweet From Twitter:

Exactly, Here is the list of #Hypocrites : @JoeBiden @JustinTrudeau @RishiSunak @StateDept @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz #CeasefireNOW #Genocide_of_Palestinians #SANCTIONISRAELNOW #StopIsraelBarbarism #StopArmingIsrael #ZionistLobbyAttack

AI Generated Response From Twitter:

Hamas' goal is to destroy Israel, not peace. They abuse aid to build terror networks & use Palestinian lives as shields. Israel defends its people from such aggression. Mislabeling defense as 'genocide' ignores facts & harms real human rights causes. #FactsMatter #ProtectingLife